The Friendly OMA-DM Embedded Client

Friendly's OMA-DM Embedded Client is the most advanced and feature-rich client. 

It has been certified by the leading US mobile carriers and has helped leading manufacturers accelerate their certification process with the US carriers.

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The Friendly OMA-DM Embedded Product Line

Friendly’s OMA-DM Embedded Client and SDK (FOCS) is a framework that implements the OMA-DM v.1.2 protocol

OMA-DM for Android by Friendly Technologies

For Android

  • Friendly OMA-DM client for Android (FODA) 
  •  Android client requiring either platform certificate signature or inclusion into Android ROM image 

For Linux

  • Friendly OMA-DM client SDK for Embedded Linux (FOCS) 
  • SDK to build OMA-DM client software for embedded Linux devices  

Friendly Technologies provides OMA-DM testing server

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Standards and Compliance

OS Support  

  • Android v.6.0 , v. 8.0, 8.1, 9.0, 10.0  
  • Embedded Linux with kernels compatible with v.2.6.x and above  
  • Porting layers available to port the software to non-Linux operating systems


  • SSL 3.x and TLS 1.x 
  • Basic authentication type (Logging)
  • Digest authentication type (MD5)
  • HMAC authentication type 
  • SOCKS 5 proxy tunneling 


  • OMA-Device Management (DM) v.1.2
  • OMA-DM v.2  
  • OMA-Client Provisioning (CP) v.1.1
  • Supporting Bootstrapping

OS Mgt. Objects

  •  OMA-FUMO v.1.0.4 
  •  OMA-SCOMO v.1.0 
  •  OMA-LAWMO v.1.0  

Friendly OMA-DM Embedded Client Key Features

  • Full support of the OMA-DM and OMA-CP protocol 
  • Extensive SDK with implementation samples 
  • Support of OMA-DM data model 
  • Provisioning and bootstrap 
  • Firmware upgrade over the air (FUMO) 
  • Configuration management 
  • Software management and update (SCOMO) 
  • Lock-and-Wipe functionality  

  • Light footprint - Storage footprint of 2MB (with sample plugin management objects) 
  • High-level security  
  • Diagnostics 
  • Full data tree management
  • Email object  
  • Browser object  
  • APN (Access Point) objects for SMS, MMS, and Internet access 
  • Wi-Fi Access Point management  
  • OS Info object, e.g., Build, Version, OS Name, etc.

  • Device status object: Battery levels, IMEI, Network Type, etc.  
  • Device capabilities management, e.g., turn Bluetooth on or off
  • Roaming state: Service, Signal, etc.  
  • Connection request initiation via WAP push
  • OMA-DM server setup form to configure connection parameters
  • FODA functions as a background service that can be launched on device start-up 

Friendly OMA-DM Client Security

The Friendly OMA-DM client is designed to support various security requirements

HTTP and WSP provide an alternative authentication based on shared secrets 

Friendly supports Transport Layer Security TLS 1.0 and Secure Socket layer SSL 3.0 

In addition to transport layer security, the following OMA-DM protocol security authentication methods are supported

  •  Basic authentication type (Logging)  
  •  Digest Authentication type (MD5)  
  •  HMAC authentication type  
  •  SOCKS 5 proxy tunneling

Full OMA-DM Client Life Cycle Support

The phase

  • Porting and delivery
  • Additional development, if required 
  • Integration
  • Internal testing  
  • Lab testing and pre-certification
  • Certification and final acceptance 
  • Launch

The support that we provide 

  • Friendly can provide porting when required
  • Development of additional features upon request
  • Training and integration support - Friendly offers a managed service provided by our integration team or the local partner 
  • Done by the customer, using Friendly's remote OMA-DM server 
  • Friendly Technologies supports the entire process 
  • Friendly Technologies supports the entire process  

Annual Support and Future Updates

Annual support available

Updates to new version of Linux and Android

Support of newly released standards

Thanks to Friendly’s OMA-DM client, we have successfully passed Verizon certification. Friendly’s team supported us exceptionally well. Their OMA-DM client was up to the latest Verizon specs, and their team was helpful and experienced with the entire process.

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